Holding your hand so you can hold theirs

Guiding mums back to hope when their child is in crisis

It’s hard to be ok when your child’s not.

If your child is struggling with their mental health, the first thing I want to start by saying: I’m so sorry to hear that. You are so welcome here.

I can’t claim to know your experience, but I know that when my daughter was struggling with her mental health and ended up in a psychiatric hospital after three suicide attempts, all I wanted to do was take away her pain and make everything better.

I felt impotent and alone. My thoughts were anxious, terrified and panicked. I continuously asked myself: Had I caused this?

Hi, I’m Jax.

I’m a Coach, Counsellor, Creator of everyday ceremony and a Mother. However none of these roles could prepare me for how terrified I was when my daughter experienced her mental health crisis.

When my daughter struggled with her mental health there were services to help her, specifically the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services, that are available to us in the UK. I thank them for the support they gave to her.

But, as her mother, I felt alone and isolated, there was no help available for me and at some level it felt selfish and self indulgent to ask for it. There was no one who could understand the constant thought that I had failed her. No-one to stop me reliving every one of my parenting mistakes. The Serenity Practice has been set up so you do not have to navigate your child’s mental health struggles alone.

Im pleased to say my daughter is thriving, we got through it and you can too. 

Your path back to hope and serenity.

As a counsellor, I was taught that things in the past affect the present, so it made sense for me to go to the past to find out what was going on in my daughters present. But that exploration got me nowhere, apart from deeper into panic and fear.

The answer was much simpler. I just needed to look in the right direction. My four step programme will help you do the same.


Implement self-care strategies to promote kindness and nurturing that’ll get you back to feeling okay.


Rediscover the part of you that is full of wisdom and serenity and knows intuitively how to parent.


Start to create a future that’s full of hope where you and your child are doing okay.


Live your life free of fear. Knowing that you show up every day authentically as a mother.

“I struggled to know how to parent my son before I stumbled across you. Thank god I did. I no longer feel like I am doing this by myself and that alone is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Jax, I didn’t know it was possible to experience peace at such a difficult time.”

Mother of Ethan, 17

Let me help you navigate this challenge.

Through my coaching and retreats, I’ll give you the support you need and hold your hand, so you can hold theirs.


A 3 month coaching programme that will provide the support you need to support your child.


A few days of breathing space so you can return home better prepared to support your child.


A safe space for mothers to share how they are feeling with women who completely understand.


Let’s work together to give meaning through ritual and ceremony to everyday transitions.

“Jax helped me see how my psychological system worked, which was really helpful to understand how my fear and anxiety was being created. I also learned that we have innate wisdom and resilience within and realised that if this was true for me then it was also true for my son. This knowledge has given me the freedom to intuitively parent from a place of serenity and peace. Ive noticed that my son seems calmer and less withdrawn because of this. Thank you for your support.”

Mother of Connor, 18

“Thank you Jax, I can now entirely enjoy my relationship with my daughter. I am so grateful for what I have seen as a result of our sessions.”

Mum of Isabella, 13

Pay it forward.

The Serenity Practice is a Community Interest Company which means that I don’t make a profit from what you pay. 

When you get coaching or join a retreat, you pay what you can afford, based on your financial circumstances. The money you pay gets reinvested, so that other mums (who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it) can get the support that they need too.

In other words: 
I give my time, experience and love to you. You give your love and support to your child. And the money you pay allows me to do the same for others in less fortunate position.

This is how we change the world:
Mums helping mums, who in turn are supporting the next generation.

Want to find out more?

Then let’s have a chat over a cup of tea.

About Jax Bull

I’m Jax, a coach, counsellor, creator of everyday ceremony and mother. If your child is struggling with their mental health, my coaching programme moves you from self blame and anxiety to serenity and peace so that you can show up every day authentically as a mother. I hold your hand, so you can hold theirs

You don't have to face this alone.

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