This is my story

That’s how one of these ‘about me’ pages is meant to start isn’t it? I tell you an ‘X factor’ level (often very traumatic) story about how something in my past is why I do the work I do today.

So yes I could tell you all about my experiences of having a breakdown from work, of being so completely burnt out that I wasn’t able to look after my kids. And how that led me to retrain as a Counsellor – work that made my heart sing – until all of my knowledge left me woefully unprepared for how terrified I was when my daughter experienced her mental health crisis.

I could end the tale with an epiphany moment that didn’t come until my fifties when I was diagnosed with ADHD and finally saw how well I had masked my own struggles, how this diagnosis had opened up new understandings about myself.

I don’t mean to be flippant.

Of course traumatic events in our life do shape us and have to be healed and worked through.
But they are absolutely not the whole story – and that is the story that I would rather tell you about.

I have learned that looking to the past to make sense of the present is helpful to a point.

I have discovered that if we continuously look to the past we are missing out on the present

When we believe that circumstances, people, places even the weather create our experience we forget that everything we need is already inside us.

This is where innate serenity, wisdom, peace and resilience live.

What if the shit is meant to hit the fan?

What if it ALL, the good and the bad, had to happen for me to be here?

And instead of running from it and fearing it, what if I could sit with all of it?

Be comfortable holding tragedy and stress and joy and peace, simultaneously.

Be in this world with all its fucked upness and all its awe and navigate it with peace.

To still feel anxiety but not be scared of it.

I realised through my breathwork practice, dancing and being in nature either with trees or horses that peace and serenity were quite literally sitting within me.

‘From a quiet mind comes the right action.’

This Taoist quote underpins all of my work.

The Serenity Practice exists – to guide you back to the power of a quiet, serene mind, where freedom from anxiety and fear is available to you daily. That a joyful peaceful life is my birthright.

I’ll hold your hand whilst you remember that everything you need to deal with whatever the world throws at you is already inside you.

The Serenity Practice CIC is a not for profit guided by the values of collaboration, community and change. All profits are reinvested to enable more people to access this work.