The breath is magical

It’s a system that until I mention it, isn’t in your awareness, you are simply breathing 20,000 times a day – in spite of what you call You.

You are always being breathed, it is just happening. You are breathed every day, no matter what emotion, pain or challenge you feel, you are always being breathed. In this, you can trust, trust that the body has got this regardless of what is going on. The breath is a system in the body that is neutral, working all the time, to nurture you and keep you alive.

The respiratory system is the only system in the body we can consciously control. The breath allows you to tap into the magnificence of you. Breath can do this because it is bigger than you, it has an intrinsic interconnectedness – your breath connects your whole body, it oxygenates your blood and brings you back into balance, it connects you to other people and to all of nature, without whom we couldn’t breathe.

When you practise breathwork you are practising trust.

You lean into the breath and start to let go of the holding on and instead, you choose to trust yourself and your body, safe in the knowledge that the breath will never take you to a place you cannot handle.

A spaciousness starts to be created, one in which life feels easier, you start to notice – all the stuff you have done without questioning it.

In this space you are allowed to become curious about who you are. To ask yourself, ‘Why do I do that?’ You create a space to move through stuck, repetitive behaviours.

It’s gentle and beautiful, if you give yourself the time to meet yourself in your breath, trust and surrender, you can’t help but remember how magnificent and magical you are.

Benefits of Breathwork include:

❯  Balanced blood pressure

❯  More time in deep sleep

❯  Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma

❯  Stronger respiratory function

❯  Better immune system

❯  Release of stress hormones from your body

❯  Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety

❯  Better mental focus

❯  Decrease in addictive behaviours

❯  Allowing emotional scars to heal

❯  Better outlook on life

❯  Contentment and joy