Ceremony has a place in every transition

Birth, marriage and death are the traditional ceremonies we mark but the beauty of ceremony is that it transcends time and space and has been used by humans for millennia to honour, celebrate, mourn, grieve and process the events that happen in our lives.

Ceremony and ritual benefit us in so many ways, they provide connection to each other, our earth and a level of healing that provides a gateway into what it means to be human.

Before my training as an Interfaith Minister I had never experienced the healing power of ceremony. When my daughter was struggling, I found being in a community where ceremony was used to give voice to the anger, fear and loss I was feeling helped me support my daughter more fully.

I can help you give meaning to life’s transitions through ritual and ceremony

I am generally asked by individuals, couples and families to do funerals, weddings and baby blessings but I have also found that ceremony can be so helpful when working through and coming to terms with other situations and transitions you find yourself in.

Throughout the world our ancestors knew that the power of ceremony is in the witnessing. They knew that it is in the witnessing that the healing happens and it is in the healing that we move more fully to a world that does not yet exist.

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