A three month coaching programme that will provide you with everything you need to support your child

Guiding mums back to hope and serenity

I know if you are on this page it is because you are a mum who is doing what a mum does – trying to nurture your child. But supporting them through their crisis wasn’t in the job spec, weren’t we always supposed to be able to kiss it better?

It is possible to parent from a place of serenity and calm rather than fear and anxiety during what feels like the most terrifying experience you have ever lived through.

The Serenity Practice Return Programme guides you to that place.


Implement self-care strategies to promote kindness and nurturing that’ll get you back to feeling okay.


Rediscover the part of you that is full of wisdom and serenity and knows intuitively how to parent.


Start to create a future that’s full of hope where you and your child are doing okay.


Live your life free of fear. Knowing that you show up every day authentically as a mother.

I don’t make a profit from what you pay.

My three programmes are exactly the same, each lasting for three months.

My payment model is based on your financial circumstances, so you only pay what you can afford. All of your money is reinvested back into The Serenity Practice to subsidise mums, just like you, to take advantage of free coaching/counselling.

Your money also goes towards enabling those mums to join us on retreat.

Your investment

If you’d like to work with me one of the key components of our relationship will be honesty.

It starts here, please pay what your financial circumstances allow.

Choose from

£1000 | £1500 | £1950

Subsidised or free for those
on lower incomes


How does your coaching/therapy work?

My 1-1 sessions last for 1-hour. We start twice a week, then move to weekly and fortnightly as the programme ends.

What will we talk about?

We will talk about the issues your child is going through. But the majority of our time together will be talking about you and learning about how your psychological system works so that you can support your child from a quiet mind.

Will our chats be confidential?

Our sessions are a 100% safe space where you can express your fears and anxieties in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

Where does coaching take place?

All coaching sessions take place on Zoom.

Your child and wider family.

I also have a son and a husband, but I haven’t mentioned them as my focus is on helping you, the mother. In the majority of cases, and I’m making massive assumptions here, it is you that is taking on the lion’s share of supporting and caring for your child in crisis.

This isn’t to say dads aren’t affected, they are. My husband and I found that it was difficult for us to work together and support our daughter as we were scared, so we handled it in completely different ways. There is obviously an impact on siblings too.

To address this I have partnered with a fellow iheart facilitator and coach who is available to support your child in crisis, your child’s father, or your whole family, if you would like to work this way.

Please get in contact to find out more.

Want to find out more?

Then let’s have a chat over a cup of tea.

About Jax Bull

I’m Jax, a coach, counsellor, creator of everyday ceremony and mother. If your child is struggling with their mental health, my coaching programme moves you from self blame and anxiety to serenity and peace so that you can show up every day authentically as a mother. I hold your hand, so you can hold theirs

You don't have to face this alone.

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