Life is full of magic and joys and miracles

And in equal measure there are still worries, stress and anxiety.

That last part is never going to change. But what can change is how much of a struggle it feels when those worries, stresses and anxieties are present.

Even in the midst of whatever you are struggling with you still have access to serenity. My role is to help you to remember this, and as you start to see it for yourself, life gets a whole lot easier.

I find the word ‘self-care’ infuriating at times

It’s not something we fit in on Tuesday at 4pm by having a massage – it’s deeper and simpler than that. Rather than being external, self-care is a daily practice of going inwards. Its subtlety is that it is not a doing, it is a being.

I offer bespoke 121’s where you can choose any combination of talking, breathing, dancing, equine therapy or ceremony to completely empower YOU.

I am just your guide, you do not need me to make an intervention, you already have all of the answers.

It’s gentle and beautiful, if you give yourself the time to meet yourself in your breath, trust and surrender, you can’t help but remember how magnificent and magical you are.

When you go to your body you can’t help but get out of your head, and out of your own way.

You might not need to speak, you feel it for yourself, you feel it in the movement and in the breath.

Words then become useful after the experience, they are how we do our sense making. Ceremony and ritual can also play their part in this process if you would find that beneficial.

My clients report that these tailored sessions of breathwork, dance and therapy ( with horses and without) allow them to practise meeting themselves in new ways and that they naturally begin to integrate the remembering of their magnificence and their trust in themselves into their daily life.

I offer a limited number of 1:1 slots each month.

Each of these sessions is different, allowing me to meet you exactly where you are in that moment – that may mean we breathe, dance, talk, stay silent, hold a ritual or all of these!

Book a chat if you would like a little extra support in finding peace and serenity in trusting yourself and living a more simple and ease-ful life.