A place to dance

Tune in to the wisdom your body has when you allow it to move and find its own rhythm through dance.

Fall in love with your body

And the capacity it has for movement – from your fingertips all the way to your toes (they move independently – who knew?!)
Allow Ego, what you deem to be you, to be put to one side and listen. Let the music become a magic spell that speaks to your body, then allow your body’s wisdom to respond to it by moving in ways you didn’t even know it could.

This is not about society’s version of dance – looking cool on the dance floor. This is Chakra dancing – a personal journey where you go inwards first always and then allow your dance to become the outward expression of that inward focus.

We start and end each session with ceremony, opening ourselves and our energy channels up, dancing together and then closing them again as our session draws to an end. Through this ritual we create a safe container that allows us to fully explore and express ourselves.

Chakra Dancing is a workout for the mind, body and soul.

We all vibrate at many different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body.

Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being, a workout for everybody from the inside out.

Using an eclectic mix of global influences from tribal dancing to Tai Chi, yoga and slow motion body work you are gently guided through the chakras, leaving the body re-energised and in perfect balance.

You will have lots of fun, you will sweat, you will laugh, you will notice your body does things you didn’t even know you were capable of. You will have an individual experience and a group experience. You will feel the magnificence of what it is to be in human form, to have this body and be able to move it to music.

Chakra Dancing can also help us to heal

Dance is one of the best forms of exercise to really help us with things like anxiety, PTSD and depression – a loving shock tactic to the system – we move to move our system and our energy channels back into balance and alignment.

Join me in person or online from the comfort of your home, and allow yourself to experience the gift of moving your body in the ultimate expression of you through dance.

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