A place for Equine Therapy

Working with the energy of horses to discover the simplicity of life.

As a Counsellor I am fully aware that the power of talking can heal and transform lives.

However, I have been curious about what might be possible for us when we combine talking our body and or nature.

I have realised that the fastest most profound transformations happen when we remember we are mind, body and soul.

The mind can make sense through the talking

The body through dance and or breath

The soul through breath and the horses.

The breath – as it reminds us of our connection to all things.

The horses – as these magnificent sensitive animals can instantly see through the stories, we tell ourselves and teach us so much about who we are.

What is equine therapy?

Equine therapy is both holistic and experiential. It is a form of therapy that involves working in collaboration with a horse and me as your therapist.

During our sessions you don’t actually ride the horse. You set an intention for the session and we would carry out various interactions, that could be as simple as leading the horse.

After sessions we would discuss your experiences, this may sound simple but horses have a way of asking you to be fully you, there is no pulling the wool over their eyes.

This is a wonderful way of working that as with all my work enables you to remember the simplicity of life at the most profound level whilst supporting you to live a life full of joy ease and peace

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