Tuesday, 5 Dec. 2023, Online – A space for connection and rest.

A space for connection and rest, where we can pause the business of life, get quiet and nurture ourselves alongside other Blended Roots folk.


5th December 2023, 7pm





Welcome to Nurture

You are invited to come into our sacred temple of ‘Nurture’ and immerse yourself in a soulful, restful and rejuvenating experience.

Each month we will come into connection with each other.

Jax will invite us into a collective breathwork practice starting with breathwork aimed at restoring and harmonizing the mind and body Tanya will guide a community Yoga Nidra practice to invite us into the liminal space where dreams and deep wisdom can be accessed.

We will have time for reflective journaling to harvest the wisdom onto paper and then come back together.

Nurture provides a space for intentional living and deepening our community connection.

*We welcome all women from the non-binary, queer and trans community.

About Jax Bull

Jax has always thought she was a Jack of all trades and master of none until her recent ADHD diagnosis which has helped her understand that her need to do 5 different things at the same time (Counsellor, Coach, Breath worker, Interfaith Minister and Chakra Dancing Facilitator) is actually a gift and because she is passionate about all of them and the transformation they create in her clients’ lives, she is proud to say that she IS a jack of all trades and master of all she loves!

Jacqui is the Founder of The Serenity Practice a not-for-profit which supports people whilst they remember they have everything the need within them to live a life filled with ease and peace.